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  1. the writing on the wall

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    • 1. 凶兆 The increase in electricity prices is the writing on the wall for many small businesses. 電費的提高對許多小企業來說是個不祥之兆。
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    • can ~文法應用

      Only through his careful instruction can we see the writing on the wall finally. 唯有藉由他的細心指導我們才終於得見牆壁上的字跡. 這是倒裝句...

    • 誰能告訴我這些idiom的意思(20點優!!)

      ... his nest through his connection with big business. 11. the writing on the wall- 不祥徵兆(omen) example: The Chinese official saw the writing...

    • 關係代名用法

      The last word ____ he wrote on the wall is 'SHE'. (1) what (2) which (3... is the last straw that/which breaks the camel's back. 這句俗諺用that或which兩種版本都...