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  1. the year dot

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    • 1. 【口】很久以前 I've been going there every summer since the year dot. 我從很久以前每年夏天就都到那裡去。
    • ph.


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    • 這些英文~可以幫我翻譯嗎?她泰國人^^

      你有來過泰國嗎? 對我而言我從來沒去過台灣,不過我都會看台灣連續劇像是"why hwy love devil beside you" (我還有他的漫畫), F4(from the year dot)和spider lilly的rainny so sexy 那你呢?

    • 請幫我翻譯下列廣告解釋......

      ...: Easily the cheapest ad of the year to produce, it was an instant classic —remaining self-deprecating about dot-com excess while lampooning the well-publicized...

    • dot-com」再這篇文章中是什麼意思呢?

      ... slipping into its second post-bubble recession in seven years. Just as the bursting of the dot-com bubble led to a downturn in 2001 and '02, the simultaneous popping of the...