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  1. the years of discretion

    • ph.
      成年; 解事年齡; 責任年齡
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    成年; 解事年齡; 責任年齡

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      Direct load control allows for 50% cycling of controlled equipment during the summer at the company’s discretion up to 120 cycled hours per the company’s discretion:隨公司的意願2. Direct load control:一種遠端...

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      ...traditional building disintegration repair case to survey and map and repair the part discretion work on the scene.Year 92 of the Republic of China holds the post of the foundation research...

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      附件 Ai. Jess 軟體Jess® 為 Sandia 公司版權所有的軟體,SCR #348,讓使用者能夠創造出以規則為基礎的高可攜性專家系統。Jess 包含了一組 Java™ 類別,這些類別構成的套件就叫做 Jess。ii 協議條款本協議的條款自本...