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  1. there's no accounting for taste

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    • 急~急~英文作文怎麼寫.....題目my hobby

      My hobby There's no accounting for tastes. For me, painting is... is a good hobby to cultivate, and it's quite cheap in comparison with many luxirious...

    • 請幫我把中文句子翻成英文

      ...它很酷 Some people do like this pair of glasses, but some don't. There's no accounting for taste, by the way I think it's cool. 7. 雖然這台翻譯機很舊了 但是它幫助...

    • 我最喜愛的食物 英文作文

      ... cuisine. Every person has his own taste. There is no accounting for taste. One man’ s meat may be another man’spoison. In fact, we may add peas, pickles...