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  1. there be

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. There is a table in the room. 房間裡有一張桌子。 There are two glasses on the table. 桌上有兩只玻璃杯。
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    • There is ... who ...+ v或ving

      題目: There is a friend who will go to ...整合,先行詞 a friend 4. There is a friend who will go to ...可以,句子由以下兩句組成: There is a friend. The friend...

    • 英文 there be 的變體

      There be 1. There is an apple on the desk. 2. There... on the box, because the box was crushed. **There is going to /There are going to 1. There...

    • there is的用法

      there is/are所要表現的就是 "...的要翻譯出語意的話可以這麼做: There is book on the desk. 桌上有一本書...天啊!~~我在幹麻?? What is the road ahead? 路的前方是甚麼...