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  1. there is no knowing


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    • 1. 無從知曉 There was no knowing what he could do. 誰也不知道他能做些什麼。
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    • there is no knowing when human

      ...There is no V-ing ...>是動名詞的慣用法,表示【無法~】 There is no knowing... 無從知曉 There is no denying that...無可否認 There...

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      ... LC has indicated, there is NO need to know what it really means. After all... is no place "that is similar to" home). Like father, like...

    • 可以幫我看看這一篇英文是否有錯(急)20點 could agree with me. I can do better than that , because there are (no stupid) student. There's no knowing what may happen in the (future). tomorrow is another day. 你所寫的有滿多錯誤...