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  1. there there

    • ph.
      (用以安慰嬰兒)好了, 行了
    • 釋義


    • 1. (用以安慰嬰兒)好了, 行了 There, there! Never mind, you'll soon feel better. 好啦, 好啦!不要緊, 你待一會兒就好了。
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    • are there/there are

      Are there 是問句 有的意思 Ex: Are there any dogs in the park? 公園裡有任何狗嗎 There are 也是有 是直述句 Ex: There are a pie under the table. 有一個派在桌子底下 而不是那裏一個派在...

    • there is, there are, 文法

      1. There are light music and beautiful scenery outside the teahouse 2. There are...

    • there is /there are

      there is / there are 在句子中使用是"現在有一個" "現在有很多個"的意思 後面如果有使用動詞還是要加ing 如: There is a man driving a Lexus on the road. There ...