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  1. thermal pollution


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    • 重組句子(because of)

      ...the air". We also have water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, radioactive pollution, thermal pollution, light pollution, visual pollution, personal pollution. 如果可以用the air pollution...

    • 關於污染源的幾個英文單字!

      ... pollution 地下水汙染 Visual pollution 視覺汙染 Thermal pollution 熱汙染 Chemical pollution 化學汙染 希望夠用!! ^ ^

    • 請各位大大 幫我翻譯以下英文 切用翻譯軟體 感恩, an inexhaustible supply of solar energy, clean, safe, free from monopoly, unlike oil and thermal power generation would lead to environmental pollution, it can be sustainable development and use of the new generation of energy. 1. Future...