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    • 麻煩幫我翻譯成英文,不要用翻譯機...謝謝!!!贈10點

      ...impossible for me to forget, especially on THIS day. I know that these presents may not be the greatest in terms of price, but I made...

    • what do these words mean???

      1.Present tense(現在式,通常以大寫表示) Present tense is the form of an event, transaction, or occurrence which is happening now (or at the present time), or an object that currently exists. 2.Future tense(未來式...

    • 英文授權書 (英翻中)

      授权书-專輯 由這些禮物认识所有人 May陳,做了,構成和任命,和由這些禮物做,構成並且特此任命被唱的Vivian我真實和合法的律師在事實我的和在我的名字、地方和代替要求需求,起訴為,恢復,收集和收到所有這一类款项,債務,應得物,帳戶,遺產,遺產,興趣...