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    • 繁茂處,叢林,草叢
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    • "身材壯碩" 英文翻譯

      ...高壯健康: strapping, 塊頭大: strong, burly, beefy, husky, 矮壯: stocky, thicket, compact 瘦壯: wiry, sinewy 2011-09-06 12:26:35 補充: 蔡康永說的是 Very...

    • 請問一句英文 Above the massive mant

      ... were “cupped,” ready for landing in a watery thicket." 在巨大的壁爐木頭上方,六隻鑲在牆上的綠頭鴨看起來好像正要從高空...

    • 美國26州的舊名(states native names)

      ... TRANSLATION AlabamaChoctaw“Clearers of the Thicket” AlaskaAleut“Great Land” ArizonaPapago...