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  1. thickness

    • IPA[ˈθɪknəs]


    • n.
      the distance through an object, as distinct from width or height;a layer of a specified material
    • v.
      plane or cut (wood) to a desired breadth or depth.
    • noun: thickness, plural noun: thicknesses

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    • 1. plane or cut (wood) to a desired breadth or depth.
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    • IPA[ˈTHiknəs]


    • n.
      the distance between opposite sides of something: the gateway is several feet in thickness paving slabs can be obtained in varying thicknesses

    Oxford American Dictionary

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      您是工程師或業務嗎?而問題是料厚或壁厚仍然不足嗎? 如果是,那你可以說: The wall thickness is still not sufficicent. (The problem will be solved by increasing the thickness from 2 mm to 3mm.... 舉例說)

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