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  1. think better of

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      考慮後改變念頭; 認為好; 看重
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    • 1. 考慮後改變念頭; 認為好; 看重 What a foolish idea. I hope you'll think better of it. 多麼蠢的想法! 我希望你重新考慮一下。 I was going to ask a question but thought better of doing it. 我正打算提一個問題, 但考慮後又改變主意不提了。


    考慮後改變念頭; 認為好; 看重

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      He found him well thought of. 這樣寫會比較清楚 "He found him well-thought...

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      ...例句》 Well met! 【古】 幸會,幸會. 11. 好意地;親切地 《例句》 think [speak] well of 對…的看法[評價]好 stand well with sb 中某人的意. 12. 高高興興地,興高采烈...

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