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    • 搜尋片語的中文意思和造句

      ...the age of at the beginning of at the foot of at the end of for the purpose of i n the course of at the thought of in the name of in the middle of on the ground of at full speed at one...

    • 請幫我看看英文文章(文法對不對)急~謝謝4

      ...need a pair of basketball shoes so that you can run fast on the ground. The rule of the basketball is very easy. For example, you shouldn't let your foot kick the ball. In addition, you shouldn't pull other's hand...

    • 英文片語的例句

      ...the damage of the products on behalf of our company. 13... live at the foot of the mountains. 16...course of time. 19. At the thought of the family, he decided...