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    think poorly of

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    • 國中英文小文法問題

      ... ___ . a)poorly b)poor c)worse d)bad .哪一個正確?why? A: a)poorly. 3.___ do you think of my new hairstyle? a)what b)how 哪一個正確?why? A: a) what. Well...

    • 英文造句~英文高手請進

      ... compared the earth to the greenhouse. compare...with... I think my imagination compares poorly with his. My family compares smaller with their. in spite of She wants to go out to play in spite of her homework. ...

    • 英文口頭回答問題~請高手用英文口頭回答~感恩~贈15點~急

      1.Yes,because cheering can encourage the spirit of your team,which can make your team do better. 2.Yes,no matter which team score or something good,I think it's general manner to give the team a big hand;however,I'll cheer for...