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    • 這段英文為何要用過去式or過去分詞 ?

      Bill thought up an impressive slogan for the new advertisement.為什麼think會變成thought?Her...是--<簡單過去式>表示過去發生而現在已結束的動作或狀態    THOUGHT & TOOK 都是過去式動詞, 很單純的句型

    • 請幫忙改成正確寫法?

      think of (X) --- think up (invent something in your mind) really (adv) --- missing an adjective after it...

    • think&think of的用法及例句

      ...一下聚會時會是什麼樣的情況! 7 To devise or evolve; invent: 構思 I thought up a plan to get rich quick 我構想到一個快速致富的計畫 8 To bring into a...