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    • 請問剪頭髮的英文相關術語

      1) 打薄 thinning the hair 2) 打內薄、thinning from inside-out 外...thing that is created; however, thick, curly hair must be thinned from the inside-out to conserve length when softly shaping...

    • 幫忙這些英文造句 3Q

      ... than before. (她看上去比過去瘦了) ex2: He has thin hair. (他頭髮稀疏 ) ex3: The air became even thinner when...

    • 英文”我頭髮只要打薄”怎麼說

      ...quot;你可以幫我打薄我的頭髮嗎?" 3. Could you make/cut my hair thinner please? "你可以讓我的頭髮更薄嗎?" 如果說你想要左邊或是右邊或...