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  1. this afternoon

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    • 1. 今天下午 We don't have Chinese class this afternoon. 今天下午我們沒有國文課。
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    • this afternoon介係詞的問題?

      例1. Alex has a ball game this afternoon. ← this afternoon 係時間副詞,修飾has(動詞)。若加”in” (in this afternoon) 係介系詞...

    • this afternoon 的其他說法

      this afternoon 的其他說法=> today in the afternoon 例:I will visit my father in law this afternoon=>I will visit my father in law today in the afternoon. today's afternoon...

    • 這句能不能用現在式來改?

      ...if it has stopped raining by this afternoon. 能不能用現在式來改成 I'll go ...10-15 12:57:56 補充: If it rains this afternoon, then yesterday's weather forecast was wrong...