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    • 1. 我要說的是 I will say this much for him -- he never leaves a piece of work unfinished. 關於他我要說的是--他工作未做完決不罷休。 This much is certain, you will never walk again. 有一點是肯定的, 你再也不能行走了。
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      ...就依你所喜好的方式,盡情享用它吧! 註:應該沒什麼須要註解的吧 @@ 。 4.This much is for certain--there's more to come from this 21st century pinao prodigy. 只有一點...

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      I like this one very much.(我非常喜歡這個) This colour is my favorite.(這顏色是我的最愛)