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    • on this sport

      他的意思是 正在此地 造句 The king himself had stood on this spot. 還有一個相似詞 in this 〈very〉moment 意思是 正在此時 了解了嗎

    • 英文翻譯4題

      ... you had (known) the right road, we might have missed this beautiful spot." 爸爸接著說:「如果你知道正確路線的話,我們剛剛就有可能錯過這個...

    • 警察搜索的英文求翻譯

      ... stairway. 一般來說, 樓梯的配置在第二個樓階上 . 總是有视觉盲点. This blind spot is large enough to conceal someone . if they are lying prone on the...