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  1. this winter

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    • 1. 今年冬天 It was cold this winter. 今天冬天很冷。
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    • 徵求中翻英與文法強者**10點**~~急

      This winter vacation was the last winter vacation in my college life. I feel that...moment and had a fulfilled vacation. After going through this winter vacation, it means it's apporching to the end of my college life. ...

    • My Winter Vacation

      This winter vacation we went to Taichung ,First ,we went to famous... so many new shoes and clothes. I had a good winter vacation in Taichung. 2014-02-07 17:23:22 補充: 希望有幫到你

    • 緊急需要英文高手

      This winter recess, I had to work all the time. I had..., I was very happy to enjoy the fun. The winter recess this year, I had a great time.