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  1. the wish is father to the thought

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    • think&think of的用法及例句

      ...複雜! 2 To judge or regard: 判斷 I think it to be fair. 我覺得它是公平的 3 To believe...以前沒人想過會有兩個 焦距的眼鏡 b. To recall a thought or an image to mind: 回想起…情景 ...

    • to be 的用法

      I meet the girl (whom) I thought to be your niece. 這句拆開成兩句, 你就明白了...; 下句the man是 believed的受詞, to be honest是受詞補語. 沒錯, 兩句的to be都可換成was...

    • 關於英文think的用法問題。?

      ...為了) but not an adverb (大約;幾乎) in the above sentence. 此句可以改成 I think to be healthy is beautiful.嗎? No, although grammatical, it has different...