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  1. thrash something out

    • discuss something thoroughly and honestly
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    • discuss something frankly and thoroughly, especially to reach a decision

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      Regarding the quality issues about this product, please discuss with manufacturing department and find the solution to solve them. quality issues --- 品質不良的問題(如果只有一件單純的問題, 就用單數) bad quality --- 品質不好(不好不一定是不良, 良(不良)率是與品管...

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      ... and romance, so we want to use this series as our reference to thrash out those issues surrounding the real relationship in the reality...

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      回' 愛國主義教學' 教師應該培養' 民族(國家)的愛並且' 日本的櫥櫃本土批准了帳單將鼓勵教師(以)灌輸愛國主義和在他們的學生中為傳統尊重的日本。 帳單, 現下將提交它給議會, 第一次自從它的 1947 年的制定以來改變國家(農村)的教育法(定)律。 對手害怕變化能造成危險的民族主義。 當...