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    • 關於Dollar/Thrifty網頁翻譯的問題

      ... shared vehicles, a single corporate management structure, and, where available, back-office employees...經營結構,以及辦公室內的雇員和設施。 3.The Thrifty brand was originally focused on ...

    • 關於Dollar/Thrifty網頁翻譯的問題二

      ..., generally on a countrywide basis --> Thrifty及 Dollar這兩個品牌在國際上所提供的主加盟...休閒地區;來自汽車製造商的壓力增加 9.DTG management perceived that the two companies ...

    • 英文翻譯~~請英文厲害的人~~幫幫忙~~~急~~~10點

      ...well-to-do level. Women that mother is the tailor and teacher , and the thrifty , diligent , industrious. Father is half a Taiwan trader, tailor that he is keen on the management working hard. There are a pair of younger brother and...