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  1. through

    • IPA[θruː]



    • prep.
    • adj.
      結束的; 斷絕關係的;徹底失敗的
    • adv.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 穿過 to look through sth. 通過…觀看 go straight through that door 直接穿過那道門
    • 2. 穿行於 he's travelling through Asia at the moment 他目前正在周遊亞洲 to fly through the air 從空中飛過
    • 3. 遍及 villages were scattered through the jungle 叢林中到處散布著村莊
    • 4. 從…的另一側 the sun was streaming in through the window 陽光從窗外射進來 I saw a figure inside through the net curtains 透過網眼窗簾我看到裡面有個人影
    • 5. 經過 he drove through a red light 他開車闖紅燈了 the water poured through the roof 水透過房頂一瀉而下
    • 6. 在…期間 the goal came midway through the second half 下半場進行到一半時進球了
    • 7. 通過 to make it through an exam/a test/this round 順利通過考試/測試/這一輪 to get the bill through the Lords 使議案在上議院得以通過
    • 8. 從頭到尾 to work all or right through the day 整天工作 he talked all the way through the film 電影放映期間他一直在說話
    • 9. 憑藉; 經由 to seek justice through the proper channels 通過適當渠道尋求公正 to look through binoculars/a telescope 用雙筒望遠鏡/望遠鏡觀看
    • 10. 因為 through carelessness/inexperience/illness 因粗心/缺乏經驗/生病
    • 11. 直到 March 24 through May 7 從3月24號直到5月7號 open April through September 四月至九月開放


    • 1. 結束的; 斷絕關係的 are we through now? 我們現在結束了嗎? to be through with sb./sth. 處理完某人的事/某事
    • 2. 徹底失敗的 you're through! get out! 你被炒魷魚了!滾出去!
    • 3. 貫穿的 through traffic’ “過境交通” ‘no through road’ “此路不通”
    • 4. 磨破的


    • 1. 穿過 to squeeze through 擠過去 to make one's way through 穿過去
    • 2. 通過 the sunlight was streaming through 陽光直射進來 to drive straight through 徑直開過去
    • 3. 持續地 we'll have to struggle through till pay day 我們一定要堅持到發薪日
    • 4. 自始至終 to play sth. right through 將某作品完整演奏一遍 I'm about halfway through already 我差不多已經完成一半了
    • 5. 接通 to be through to sb./sth. 接通某人/某處的電話
    • 6. 完全 to be soaked or wet through 濕透 to be cooked right through 熟透


    1. moving in one side and out of the other side of (an opening, channel, or location)

    2. continuing in time towards completion of (a process or period)

    3. so as to complete (a particular stage or trial) successfully

    4. from beginning to end of (an experience or activity, typically a tedious or stressful one)

    5. up to and including (a particular point in an ordered sequence)

    6. by means of (a process or intermediate stage)

    7. (with reference to public transport) continuing or valid to the final destination

    8. having no prospect of any future relationship, dealings, or success