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    through malice

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    • 短文中翻英 不要翻譯機

      ... all, in the heart actually had the depth crime malice, but the side certainly had was allowed...he is the white horse prince, but after passes through all matters only then discovered he originally...

    • 幫英翻繁中

      真正同樣。芯片1 : 階段2 (邊) -被找到在場面2初(故事項目, can' t丟失)。 芯片2 : 階段3 (邊) -找到在屏幕的最左端邊的場面3。 當您去 在您去得到芯片之前,要接它您將由4 Archanus攻擊,因此有毒心。 芯片3 : 階段4 (邊) -被找到在場面1的结尾,這塊芯片被投下,当您擊敗时...

    • 請問 -ism 與 -activism 的區別

      ...activism (hacktivism) - achieving goals/supporting issues through hacking hacktivism 則利用合法或非法駭客技術入侵系統以達到一些政治目的...