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  1. through the back door

    • ph.
      using indirect or dishonest means to achieve an objective
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    • back和behind有什麼不一樣??

      ...令人不爽或生氣] §形容詞 [後部的] *以 back 為形容詞的形容詞或副詞性片語:  through the back door [以走後門方式...] §副詞 [退/向後地,往回地] *以 back 為副詞的動詞片語:  go...

    • 英文電影台詞請問

      ... will be back這句 back 當形容詞是後面的---The thief came through the back door. 小偷從後門進來 另一句 I will back. 此句back 當動詞是後退之意, 文法...

    • 英文~商業書信~求英文翻譯

      ...the area around the handle on the chaff door. But then that was done smoke started come out through the handle itself. The ... be found we have to go back to the old solution with a fixed...