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  1. throughout

    • IPA[THro͞oˈout]


    • prep.
      in every part of (a place or object);from beginning to end of (an event or period of time)
    • adv.
      in every part of a place or object;from beginning to end of an event or period of time
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    • IPA[θruːˈaʊt]


    • prep.
      in every part of (a place or object): the event had repercussions throughout Europe
    • adv.
      in every part of a place or object: the house is in good order throughout

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • through a weekend &  throughout a weekend 差別?

      ...災難康復過來。 though:"過了/過後"/ 另一個物理性用法"穿過" throughout a weekend = 在星期六日這兩天當中的時間裏所發生的 想像"weekend"或...

    • throughout this text怎麼解釋/翻譯較合理

      比較正確的翻法是 在這整篇文章中throughout 的強調的是每一個部分,如果throughout this text指的就是在...速食是不健康且不智之舉.The only one belivable statement throughout this text was not made by the author. 這整篇...

    • throughout history ....... ??

      many times throughout history emerging from his slumber to wreak havoc on the lands 有史以來,他已多次從長眠中蘇醒出現來對大地造成浩劫. 好像是在描寫火山的復活與爆發.