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    throughout the land

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    • throughout history ....... ??

      many times throughout history emerging from his slumber to wreak havoc on the lands 有史以來,他已多次從長眠中蘇醒出現來對大地造成浩劫. 好像是在描寫火山的復活與爆發.

    • 請告訴我 lamentation 滴例句

      There was lamentation throughout the land at the news of the defeat. 敗北的消息傳來,舉國哀歎。

    • land exams 中文怎麼翻譯?

      那個英文 "land exams" 是個 typo,把 l 拿掉全文就通順了! You will discuss your lectures and seminars throughout the whole semester, your final grade will be based on your performance...