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  1. throw away


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    • 1. 扔掉 Don't throw your tickets away! 別把車票扔掉!
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    • 英文附和句問題

      ...錯誤, 應該如下兩句才對: People are NOT told to throw away garbage anywhere, ARE THEY? People are told...

    • 這個 too good 如何翻

      there are too good to throw away 那些東西<要看前文> 因為太棒了 而無法丟棄 too to 太...而不能... 例句 this box is too heavy to move. throw away 丟棄 丟掉

    • 英文片語填空解答..幫幫忙

      burned off,threw away,loaded the bag with,come close to,lost ....she〈〉.all of his pictures. Threw Away BETTY跟JOE分手後就把他的照片通通...