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  1. throw in one's lot with sb.

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    • 文法訂正5點!!

      ...quiet and shy, but this client was not like what I expected to see. In this case, he talked a lot and had strong interaction with the clinician. Therefore, this is...

    • 中文文章翻譯

      ... , but I have no method to throw three Holy grails in succession , after throwing a lot times, at last, success making one's wish fulfilled was...

    • 請教這幾段話的英文問題~我不知道意思-20點

      ...carpet in the living room is stained in places. 但問題是屋主很多年沒整修房子了. 傢俱 for all my stuff. I guess I should throw some of it out, but I just can’t. 我鄰居超讚...