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  1. throw in one's lot with sb.

    • ph.
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    • thrown in for good measure

      for good measure 意指”除去原先所需之數量外 ”(In addition to the required amount.) market share=>市場占有率 全文 至於上一季,我們已經恢復了先前之市場占有率,且比原來所需的數量又多進了兩個百分點

    • 疑問: [a throw in]

      DASAGA大師不好意思回答,我比較粗鄙,我來說好了, 他太太覺得夫妻之間的性事,不過是插入(射精) 而已,毫無樂趣可言。 她用不熱衷性事來懲罰我,如今我已不在乎了(懲罰不到我了)

    • has already thrown her hat ...

      ...amp; Australian)to do something that makes it clear you want to compete with other people, especially to compete for a political position She's seriously considering throwing her hat in the ring and declaring herself a candidate for the election. http://...