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  1. throw off

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    • throw off 要怎麼造句啊?

      Ex. 1 Tom throws off the mask. 湯姆摘掉面具。 Ex. 2 Mary is trying to throw this cold off. 瑪麗正想辦法治好這個感冒。

    • 問~~投手 ”球路” 的英文單字...

      ...will not throw the pitch called for and wants a new signal. Syn. throw off. 1st Use. 1932 (Baseball Magazine, Oct.; Edward...

    • 請幫解答一題英語謎語

      ...意思是“時光流逝”。 相似的還有 “Why did the person throw butter out of the window?” “to see butterfly”,看蝴蝶。 2008-12-28...