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  1. throw off at

    • ph.
      criticize or ridicule
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    • Be Swept off One's Feet one's feet。Dick was so crazy about Jane that he threw himself at her feet. Jane was swept off her feet and they're getting married next Tuesday...

    • 英文造句..3句

      1.I aim at the door and throw the ball.(瞄準) 2.I cast the old dool and buy the new one.(拋棄) 3.He is at odds with the new student.(與...不和)

    • 幫我看一下這封信好嗎?

      ...). I really wanted to*4 see you off at the airport if only I could.  I hope*5 you will...用來修飾前面的投手。*7. 投球用pitch這個字就好了,throw balls聽起來有點怪。*8. any other後面加單數。