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  1. throw something down

    • ph.
      (especially of a DJ, rapper, or similar artiste) play or perform a piece of music
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    • toss throw

      ... to the wall toss<-->cause no pain throw<-->might cause some or lots of pain 2014-10-24 03:46:17 補充: when you toss down means drink down something quickly

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      ...笨手笨腳的人4.Take the bull by the horns.毅然決定面對及解決問題 5.Throw down the gauntlet. 原義為丟下手套,引伸為挑戰6.(do something) by the seat of one's pants. 依據直覺的; 依據經驗的7.think outside the box...

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      ..., only provides a kitchen for residents to heat up food or cook something simple. A grocery store and a few seafood restaurants are nearby...