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  1. throw the book at sb.

    • ph.
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    • 二上康軒版英文翻譯ˇ 請幫幫忙>ˇ<拜託ˊ ˋ with my comic book? 12 . 我在夢裡將你的漫畫丟向那個鬼 I threw your comic book at the ghost in my dream. 13 . 我睡眠不足因為我有太多的功課 I can not...

    • 幫我看看文法有沒有錯

      good 都正確 你的用詞精準無誤 內容風趣 生動

    • 什麼是 質詞??

      ...The book fell off (of) the desk. He threw the book out (of) the window. She wouldn't let the cat inside...the couch.] Where is your college (at)? 平行結構中的介系詞當兩個字或兩個片語採用平行...