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    • without pretense是甚意思?

      ... when you hit the snooze button on your alarm orphone at least 27 times. Eventually you get up, throw on some clotheswithout the pretence that it's actually an outfit and slink into work, asif you've been there...

    • pour scorn on A throw up for

      throw up Vomit, as in The new drug makes many patients throw up. [First half of 1700s] Abandon, relinquish, as in After the...

    • 句中in place、monkey business意思?

      ...午夜左右, Tammi (女) 開始感到有點不舒服. 那個男讓她去水槽吐 (throw up = 吐) 5. 隨著時間一秒秒過, 他躺在那裡看著她, 然後說 "恩, 我不想去講到...