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  1. throw up

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    • pour scorn on A throw up for

      throw up Vomit, as in The new drug makes many patients throw up. [First half of 1700s] Abandon, relinquish, as in After the...

    • throw up one's hand in horror

      throw up 可以指"嘔吐"或"揮起來" 這句"throw up one's hand in horror"是指"因驚嚇或恐懼而把手舉(揮)起來" 像這樣的驚嚇通常都是下的很嚴重,或是非常恐怖

    • 請問一下英文該怎麼說??這句翻成英文~

      ... so artificial that I feel like to vomit! 2010-04-13 15:52:03 補充: throw up 與vomit雖是真的嘔吐動作 但feel like to throw up 或feel like to vomit仍是可以用於...