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  1. thrown

    • IPA[θrəʊn]



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    • toss throw

      ... instead of Chinese 2014-10-24 00:49:06 補充: rule of thumb if you throw something to somewhere with a distance...use throw....remember the scenerio - you throw a ball...

    • 英文Throw怎麼造?

      Throw要在最前面 開頭要大寫T 請各位好朋友幫幫忙! >o&amp...amp;amp;gt;-< 我不確定你以上亂碼的部分是什麼﹗ Throw the ball at me! Throw me a rope, so that I can climb up...

    • 請問 throw oneself 是什麼意思???

      Throw oneself at 極力討好 Throw oneself down躺下 Throw oneself into投身於;積極從事 Throw oneself on依賴;委身於 Throw oneself upon依賴;委身於