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  1. thump out

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    • 「box-office」代表票房好,為什麼呢?

      eked out a box-office win----僅以些微之差贏得票房紀錄(King ...做熱門電影話題)box-office是指票房總收入has little to be thumping its chest about----形容沒什麼好高興或得意的猩猩高興或...

    • ugly tree..一句英文請教

      ...the Democratic Progressive Party's tub-thumping troublemaker Wang Shi-chien (王世堅). When those two fell out of the ugly tree, they hit every branch on the way down.有部分當地的...

    • 請英文高手幫忙英文翻譯成中文。

      ...there's hope for those that aren't interested in having bass thumping as your soundtrack. Check out our top , non-club picks for Memorial Day Weekend...