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    • 1. ...的門票 Tickets to important games are not easily bought. 重要比賽的門票不易買到。 He doesn't have one ticket to the baseball game. 他沒有一張棒球比賽的門票。
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    • 英文文法have two tickets to和for...

      [例句1,I have two tickets to the movie UP. Would you like to go 我買了兩張這部電影的票。 I have two tickets to the movie Transformers at Vieshow ...

    • 請問 ticket of or to

      to & of 二個介系詞都可以嗎? "of"是在說票的屬性 而 "to"是在說票的目的. 所以是不一樣的喔! 例子: "長期飯票"的用法只有"目的"最重要.所以要用"ticket to free meals"

    • 幫我看一下字彙哪一個對

      In case of the students, tickets to the science museum are free.  (要是學生的話,科博館的票免錢)不能選as 或...