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    • 請問tick the boxes中文翻譯為何

      tick the boxes,美式用check the boxes。 指的是將條列式的項目逐項打勾。 公司在推行某些計畫時只注重"ticking the boxes",表示的是How many items you have "...

    • 這句的 tick 該怎麼翻?

      ...from Cambridge Dictionary Onlinewhat makes sb tick 為何這麼做If you know what makes someone tick, you understand why they...

    • ticked off是什麼意思啊??

      = pissed off 很不爽~ 被別人惹的不開心~ 不爽~ 的意思~ 算是口語用法 ex. I was pretty ticked off by the way you treated me the other day.