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    tickle sb pink

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    • ph. 使某人非常高興

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    • ph. 【俚】很樂意的;再高興也不過了

    • ph. 【俚】很樂意的;再高興也不過了

    • ph. 【口】感到非常滿足或高興

    • I am tickled pink that my essay won the prize. 我的文章獲獎了, 我高興得要命。

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    • be tickle pink這個片語的pink是什麼意思?

      ...sense of the word that means 'to give pleasure or gratify'. The tickling pink concept is of enjoyment great enough to make the recipient glow with pleasure. you can...

    • I am tickled the deepest shade of shrimp?

      tickled pink (idiom) = 再高興也不過了 (very pleased or amused) shade of ...when cooked the deepest shade ---- darker (more) than pink to be tickled the deepest shade of shrimps --- to be ecstatic

    • About colors

      roll out the red carpet 隆重接待 tickled pink 很樂意的 have a green thumb 很有園藝技術的 give somebody the green light 允許某人...