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    • tidy away & tidy out 該如可分辦?

      ...sth and arrange the rest neatly移去不要之物而將餘下之物品整理好;清理 EX: tidy out one's drawer, a cupboard etc 清理抽屜、櫃櫥等。

    • 有誰可以幫我翻譯這段文章(英翻中)?

      The Tidy Drawer 整齊的抽屜 One Saturday morning Abby's Mum...039;re all willy-nilly like this. Come on, have a tidy up now." 媽媽重複她的問題:「為什麼?因為...

    • 英文作文怎麼寫

      Day off parents. Will want me first clean my room. Tidy up like they will bring me. go hiking. I like very much with...