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  1. tie

    • IPA[tʌɪ]


    • v.
      attach or fasten with string or similar cord;fasten (something) to or round someone or something by means of its strings or by forming the ends into a knot or bow
    • n.
      a piece of string, cord, or similar used for fastening or tying something;a shoe tied with a lace.
    • noun: tie, plural noun: ties

    • verb: tie, 3rd person present: ties, gerund or present participle: tying, past tense: tied, past participle: tied

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  2. 知識+

    • 英文:tied + (by、up、one on與down)

      版大你好 解答如下 四者的意思分別如下 1. be tied by XXX : 藉由XXX繫住 2. be tied...剩餘部分寫於意見欄 2011-08-23 23:12:45 補充: 3. tie one on (Slang) To become intoxicated...

    • tie the knot 的中文意思?

      tie the knot—結婚 (phrasal verb) 以前的結婚典禮上要打結,表示新郎新娘的生活從此就結合在一起.所以才會用 tie the knot 來表示結婚。

    • ties which last an entire life

      ties which last an entire life 持續一輩子的緊密關係 tie 是「綑綁」,這裡是名詞作用...