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    • 勒緊,使變緊變緊,繃緊
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    • tighten your laces..譬喻

      我想是 get ready(準備好的意思) e.g. e.g. 1. as in "Tighten up your laces and put on your best holiday cheer! ...

    • 英文諺語(急 今天就要 大贈送點數 mouth形容不恰當 輕率魯莽 遲頓 說了不適當, 錯誤 或者愚笨事情的人 9. Tighten one's belt省吃儉用 10. Birthday suit裸體 11. Know one'...

    • 請問下列句型答案?及說明?

      The America`s policies on immigration ______ to tighten.1.continuing2.continuous3.continue4.continually答案是2,有人能幫我解釋一下句型嗎?為何...