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  1. tightest

    • tight的形容詞、副詞最高級
  2. 知識+

    • tight和tightly的用法

      tight vs. tightly (used as an adverb) Tight 表示一種動作後, 所造成之”狀態” 而且... and nuts. As an adverb, Tight不能放在過去分詞前面, Tightly 則可...

    • low and tight的中文怎麼說

      ... seatbelt fastened low (i.e. across your hips) and tight when seated at all times. 當你坐著時 ,請靠低綁緊安全帶。 other...

    • 英文翻譯(jar lid tight) ?

      jar lid tight很明顯是個比喻。用瓶蓋栓得很緊來比喻甚麼呢?請看:http://www.voanews... (CBS NEWS): “The presidential race looks jar-lid-tight. We could be in for a long night, as voters decide whether Vice...