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  1. tightness

    • IPA[ˈtʌɪtnɪs]


    • n.
      the quality of being fixed, fastened, or closed firmly;the quality of being close-fitting
    • noun: tightness

    • 釋義


    • 1. the quality of being fixed, fastened, or closed firmly the tightness of the seal was tested the tightness of the knot
    • the quality of being close-fitting he managed to make himself comfortable on the chair despite the tightness of his trousers
    • 2. the state of being stretched you can vary the tightness of the knitting the cook checked the ropes for tightness
    • a painful and constricted feeling in part of the body as a result of anxiety or illness he had an X-ray after complaining of tightness in his chest the tightness in my throat returned
    • (of a person's muscles or skin) the quality of being firm or taut she felt the tightness of his bicep a good moisturizer would preserve his skin's tightness
    • the quality of being well structured or disciplined the tightness of the argument the strength in this adaptation lies in the tightness of the script
    • 3. the state of having or allowing little room for manoeuvre the tightness of the space
    • the state of changing direction sharply the tightness of the bends
    • the state of being limited or restricted we remain concerned about the tightness of resources the tightness of my schedule kept me from playing tournaments
    • 4. the state of having a close relationship he speaks with greater impact because of his tightness with Washington
    • 5. the quality of having only a small margin between winner and loser the tightness of the game was very evident