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  1. time

    • IPA[taɪm]



    • n.
      時間;一段時間; (在某事上/做某事)慢吞吞
    • vt.
      為…安排時間; 選擇;測定…所需的時間
    • 過去式:timed 過去分詞:timed 現在分詞:timing

    • 名詞複數:times

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 時間 time and space 時間與空間 for all time 永遠
    • 2. 一段時間; (在某事上/做某事)慢吞吞 to have a good time 過得很愉快 (at) the present time (在)當前
    • 3. 時刻; 守時 what's the time? 幾點了? until such time as ... 直到…的時候
    • 4. 用時 cooking time 烹飪時間 record time 破紀錄時間
    • 5. 規定時間 breakfast/lunch/tea/supper or dinner time 早餐/午餐/喝茶/晚餐時間 to do sth. to time 準時做某事
    • 6. I play tennis three times a week 我每週打三次網球 this time I'll let you off 這次我就放過你
    • 7. 時期 prehistoric/ancient/medieval/modern time(s) 史前時代/古代/中世紀/現代 in Victorian times 在維多利亞時代
    • 8. 關門時間 to call time 宣布打烊時間已到 time please! 關門了!
    • 9. 刑期 to do or serve time 坐牢
    • 10. 節拍 three eight time 八分之三拍 waltz/march time 圓舞曲/進行曲節拍
    • 11. 節奏 quick/slow time 快節奏/慢節奏 to play in time (to or with the music) 演奏得合(音樂的)節奏
    • 12. the nine times table 九九乘法表 three times as long (as sth.) (某物的)3倍長


    • 1. 為…安排時間; 選擇 you've timed your visit just right 你來得正是時候 to time sth. for sth. 把某事定在某時間
    • 2. 測定…所需的時間 to time an egg 設定煮雞蛋的時間 I timed how long it took to empty the bottle 我記錄了清空瓶子所需的時間
    • 3. 在某一時刻擊 he times his shots beautifully 他擊球的時機恰到好處 a perfectly-timed stroke 時機完美的一擊
    • 4. five times two is or equals ten 5乘2得10


    1. a point of time as measured in hours and minutes past midnight or noon

    2. the favourable or appropriate time to do something

    3. an indefinite period

    4. a portion of time in history or characterized by particular events or circumstances

    5. the conditions of life during a particular period

    6. one's lifetime

    7. the successful, fortunate, or influential part of a person's life or career

    8. an event, occasion, or period experienced in a particular way

    9. the rhythmic pattern of a piece of music, as expressed by a time signature

    10. plan, schedule, or arrange when (something) should happen or be done

    11. perform (an action) at a particular moment

    12. measure the time taken by (a process or activity, or a person doing it)

  2. 知識+

    • by the time 以及同位語

      1. By the time (when) he passed away, a mere ten... later = the time,所以是the time的同位語。都是名詞性質。 later...存在了。 2013-02-04 19:03:05 補充: the time he passed away是一個時間座標...

    • time...

      time這個字,當作是「次數」做解釋時,是可數的 ex: I saw him two times yesterday. 但是,做「時間」做解釋時,則是不可數的 ex: We don't have much time.

    • 有關Time的片語有哪些 ?

      in jig time[美口]馬上, 迅速地 in (less than) no time (=in next to no time)轉眼工夫, 立刻 in one's own time (=on one's own good...摸不到頭腦, 真出乎我的意外。 (it is) about time是時刻了, 到...的時候了 (It is) high...