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    • 時間,時侯,時機,時期,期限,次數,節拍,暫停,比賽限時安排…的時間
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    • by the time 以及同位語

      1. By the time (when) he passed away, a mere ten... later = the time,所以是the time的同位語。都是名詞性質。 later...存在了。 2013-02-04 19:03:05 補充: the time he passed away是一個時間座標...

    • time...

      time這個字,當作是「次數」做解釋時,是可數的 ex: I saw him two times yesterday. 但是,做「時間」做解釋時,則是不可數的 ex: We don't have much time.

    • 有關Time的片語有哪些 ?

      in jig time[美口]馬上, 迅速地 in (less than) no time (=in next to no time)轉眼工夫, 立刻 in one's own time (=on one's own good...摸不到頭腦, 真出乎我的意外。 (it is) about time是時刻了, 到...的時候了 (It is) high...