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  1. time-wasting


    • n.
      the action of wasting time.;the tactic of slowing down play towards the end of a match to prevent the opposition scoring.
    • noun: time-wasting

  2. 知識+

    • 英文一題弄不懂~麻煩幫我解答^^

      The student regretted so much the time { wasted } playing in the woods. 這一句的動詞是regretted,意思是...

    • when+ PP a scooter or motorcycle, cars are less efficient in terms of time wasted sitting in traffic and trying to find a parking place. 前面的when...

    • 請問以下幾句英文是什麼意思

      spend time 花時間 save time 省時間 waste time 浪費時間 kill time 剎時間(消磨時間) make time 抽出時間(抽空) 大致上降嚕...^_^